American Horse

American Horse is an epic story of the life of Frank Keller. Raised during the Great Depression, he became a man on the battlefields of Europe during World War II. Part of the Greatest Generation, he returns home to the unprecedented expansion, prosperity and status of a new America. However, in years to come, he will live through the most trying times the country has seen since the Civil War. Frank and his family will not make it through the strife and tumult unscathed.

More Common Sense

In 1776 Thomas Paine wrote the historic pamphlet Common Sense, outlining the argument for America’s independence. All these years later our Nation is overdue for some More Common Sense.

Julie-Ann's Journey

In 2007, what became known as “The Great Recession” began. As the unemployment and foreclosure rates skyrocketed countless people lost their jobs and homes. All across America people were suffering.

Far Away from Here

Michael Patterson was born into your average, middle-class, nuclear family. They lived in desirable area of Long Island, New York, seemingly a world away from the gangs and crime of the inner-city. His parents loved and supported him and there was never any physical abuse in the household. But it is here, beneath the Brady Bunch-like façade of suburbia that lays the true ground zero of the never-ending, pandemic known as drugs.

The Haunting of Autumn

A story about Autumn Grace, a seemingly normal sixteen year-old. That is until, piece by piece she starts learning of a haunting secret; a secret so horrifying and unimaginable that it will forever change her life and bring her face to face with evil. It is a secret that all starts with a little girl in the woods. But where it ends is the real revelation.

The Fate Of Man

The Fate Of Man takes place twenty years after World War III. It is a story about a young man, Shepard, who lives in the northern mountains of Montana with a small group of other survivors. With his camp in its death throes, Shepard is chosen to journey across a nuclear wasteland to find what is rumored to be a New Capital, where a new government and society is being established. His goal is to find this capital and bring back help for his clan in Montana.

Writings From The Void

A collection of short poems by William Panzarella.

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