Writings From The Void

Book: Writings From the Void

A collection of short poems by William Panzarella.


Destination Unknown

The sun radiates eerily
Through my eyelids
For I can see her tranquil light
Even though my eyes are closed
As if she calls me to bare witness
To all that she illuminates

I open my eyes just enough
So that a splinter of an image
Swells within my consciousness
A picture of another town passing gently
Like the slow fading frames
Within the grand picture of life

The boxcar sways from left to right
As it gracefully peels back the tracks
Another town I will never know
And the stories only ghosts will tell
Oh how cruel the path of time
Can sometimes be

The sound of motion
Enthralls me into this trance
The sound of steel on tracks
Fading from the landscape
Of another place I’ll never know

I sigh and smile
And try to take it all in
But somehow it all seems too big
To swallow down my soul
After all, I’m just a man on a train
To a destination unknown


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